Software tools for Biological discovery.
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The Bio-toolkit software collection (icons above)
C-Terminome - for examining the function of the C-terminus of proteins
HIVtoolbox - for investigating HIV virology and discovery of new drug targets
Minimotif Miner - minimotif prediction of new functions in proteins and disease
SciReader - for reading complex scientific and medical documents
GoMAP - geogenomic mutational atlas of resistance
MimoSA - a downloadable app for annotating the primary literature
JImpactFactor helps scientists choose where to publish their papers
Minimotif Miner Query Engine for building consensus minimotifs and PSSMs
Marty's Links - a collection of weblinks useful for scientists
JBOG - identifies all proteins in a proteome having the same predicted molecular mass

We ask you to cite our applications whenever they are used for research that results in a publication or if a figure is made using one of our applications. This helps us support and create new version with more capabilities.

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